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Unpaid Dividend

Shares on which dividend is unpaid / unclaimed for 7 or more consecutive years

Dividends that are not encashed or claimed, within seven years from the date of its transfer to the unpaid dividend account, will, in terms of the provisions of Section 205A of the Companies Act, 1956, be transferred to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) established by the Government of India. In terms of the provisions of Section 205C of the Companies Act, 1956, no claim shall lie against the Company or IEPF after the said transfer. The details of unclaimed/ unpaid dividend as required in terms of Ministry of Corporate Affairs Notification No. G.S.R 352(E) dated May 10, 2012 are as hereunder:

Financial Year Unclaimed Dividend (Amount in Rs.) Date of Declaration of Dividend Shareholder Wise Details
2017-18 45000.00 27-04-2017 Unpaid Interim Dvnd 2017-18
2016-17 52000.00 29-08-2017 Unpaid Dividend 2016-17
2015-16 76000.00 05-03-2016 Unpaid Interim Dvnd 2015-16
2014-15 56000.00 10-09-2015 Unpaid Dividend 2014-15
2013-14 66000.00 18-09-2014 Unpaid Dividend 2013-14
2012-13 24000.00 09-09-2013 Unpaid Dividend 2012-13
2012-13 32000.00 05-03-2013 Unpaid Interim Dvnd 2012-13
2011-12 32000.00 24-09-2012 Unpaid Dividend 2011-12
2010-11 10000.00 29-03-2011 Unpaid Dividend 2010-11

In case you have any unclaimed/ unpaid dividends/ interest in respect of the financial years mentioned above, please write to our Registrar and Share Transfer Agent at the following address for claiming the amount:

RCMC Share Registry Private Limited
B-25/1, 1st Floor
Phase-II, New Delhi - 110020
Phone: 011-26387320