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Natural & Synthetic Graphite



Brief Description

Graphite finds wide application thanks to its favourable combination of properties such as:

• low friction, chemical inertness and absence of inherent abrasiveness;

• high thermal conductivity, thermal stability and electrical conductivity;

• film forming ability on metal surfaces;

• relatively inoffensive nature of both powders and products of combustion.

TIMREX® Primary Synthetic Graphite is produced in a unique highly controlled graphitization process which assures narrow specifications and unequalled consistent quality thanks to: monitoring of all production and processing stages, strict final inspection, and clearly defined development processes. TIMREX® Natural Flake Graphite is produced in a wide range of products distinguished by particle size distribution, chemistry and carbon content. Timcal mines the graphite from its own source in Lac-des-Îles, Quebec, Canada. Further processing can be done either in Lac-des-Îles or in our processing plant in Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada. All TIMREX® “Naturals” are thoroughly controlled in our laboratories to ensure quality, consistency and total customer satisfaction.

User Industries

Polymer Compounding, Friction Products, PTFE Compounding, Forging Lubricants, Refractory Coatings

Principal / Supplier

Imerys, Canada & Switzerland

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