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Coupling Agents, Compatibilizers and Impact Modifiers



Brief Description

SCONA is a range of maleated Polyolefins used as coupling agents for mineral filled compounds like Glass Filled PP, Wood Plastic Composites,etc... further also used as compatibilizer for blends of polyolefins with engineering plastics like PA/PE blends, also includes the range for enhancing the adhesion of TPE-S overmolding compounds. SCONA products are produced using patented technology of Solid Phase Grafting which gives highest amount of bounded Maleic Anhydride, thus giving best results at lower dosages and lowest yellowness index. Further BYK has the capacity to graft other components like Acrylic Acid, Methacrylic acid, etc... to the Polymers.

User Industries

Polymer Compounds, WPC, Overmolding

Principal / Supplier

BYK Kometra, Germany

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