About us

Pharma & Technical grade White Oils


Merkur®, Vara®, CoxTWO®

Brief Description

- Under the trade names MERKUR® and VARA® we offer our customers an extensive range of pharmaceutical white oils. Pharmaceutical white oils are non-fluorescent, tasteless and odorless products that are used not only in the pharmaceutical and personal care/cosmetics industries, but also in the food industry

- MERKUR & VARA range of WOPs are Ph. Eur. / USP compliant

- COX® Technical White Oil is neutral, water-clear, technical mineral oil. They are free from any additives and almost free from any impurities. They are used in a number of different applications.

User Industries

- Pharmaceuticals, Ointments

- Cosmetic creams

- Oils / lotions / laxatives, etc

- Lubricants

Principal / Supplier

Sasol Wax GmbH, Germany

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