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Sasolwax Spray®

Brief Description

- Sasol Wax offers a range of micronized waxes. The spherical particles of micronized sprayed powders and the low surface tension of Sasolwax Fischer-Tropsch waxes ensure excellent slip performance in a variety of different types of inks & coatings. Sasol's micronized waxes are produced in a variety of particle sizes by the use of the spraying process

- Sasolwax Spray grades provide improved resistance to rubbing and scuffing

- Sasolwax Spray grades also serve as good slip agents which help replace PTFE waxes

User Industries

- Inks (Solvent / Water based Inks, Offset / Liquid)

- Paints (Powder & Coil Coating)

- Coatings & Varnishes

Principal / Supplier

Sasol Wax GmbH, Germany & Sasol Wax (South Africa)

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