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DecornelĀ® beads

Brief Description

DECORNEL covers a range of selected synthetic wax beads. Decornel is available in different particle sizes, tailor made for Scrub / exfoliation applications. Sasol's innovative DECORNEL can outperform polyethylene beads in face, hand and foot scrubs as well as toothpaste. DECORNEL state-of-the-art material offer:

- removes dead cells smoothly

- tailor-made for beauty products

- exceedingly pure

- non-polar, white, odourless, tasteless

- non-ionic, has no impact on the pH value

- 100% hydrophobic

- preservative-free

User Industries

- Exfoliation (Face, hand, foot, Body)

- Shower Gels

- Anti-dandruff shampoo

Principal / Supplier

Sasol Wax GmbH, Germany

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