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Uses of Isobutane – R600a

The increasing environmental concerns and ozone depletion has lead to the increased usage of  Isobutane, which is considered to be an environmental friendly element. Before delving into the uses of Isobutane, here’s a simple definition of the element.

What is Isobutane?

Isobutane C4H10 is a colorless gas is the simplest alkane with tertiary carbon. Ozone depletion has lately become a huge concern initially triggered by the use of Chloroflurocarbon (CFC) in refrigerants and propellants in aerosol sprays. To address this concern, the use of Isobutane is being increasingly encouraged.

Uses of Isobutane

Primarily, Isobutane is used in the form of a refrigerant. It has been proven to be nature friendly and excellent refrigerant minus the ozone harming properties.

Isobutane started being used as a refrigerant in 1993, a discovery propelled by Greenpeace. In the pure, dry state, isobutane is represented by the symbol R-600a and presents least harm to the environment vis-à-vis hydroflurocarbons and chloroflurocarbons.

Other uses of isobutane include:

  1. Aerosol and foam sprays
  2. Diluents in the production of high-density polyethylene
  3. Geothermal Power Generation
  4. As feedstock for the petrochemical industry
  5. Portable Camp Stoves

However, isobutane poses explosion hazards and need to be used with utmost precaution. Use as refrigerants in air conditioners and refrigerators in home appliances is considered to be hazardous and therefore used sparingly.

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