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Uses of China Clay

China clays have been used in the ceramic industry since a long period. The properties that this clay possesses like easy molding, fine texture, etc. make it easier to use. In making paper, this clay is also used as filler. There are some of the other uses of the china clay as well.

China clay is also famous as Kaolin clay. It is natural clay and is available in abundance in almost every state of India. It is one of the most famous cosmetic clays and you can get it easily from any Kaolin clay supplier.
Its mild nature makes it suitable for every skin type. Moreover, once you have applied it on your skin, it will dry up firmly and will increase the blood circulation. There are some of the other uses of the china clay as well. Scroll down and read more.

For Health
This clay is useful in the treatment of diarrhea. The kaolin clay can easily absorb the bacteria present in your stomach that can cause the diarrhea infection. The medicines based on the Kaolin can be easily found in the medical shops. Apart from this, the Kaolin Poultice is being used for healing scratches, mild burns, insect bites, and itching. Kaolin Poultices are known for soothing down the irritated skin.

For Skin
One of the best uses of this clay is removing the impurities from the skin. You can get the china clay from the Kaolinite clay suppliers and can prepare a homemade mask, which will treat the sensitive and acne prone skin. At the time of winters, this clay is useful enough to treat the problems of the dry skin. It is rich in mineral and its healing properties do the wonders for the skin.

As an Insecticide
It has also been used as an insecticide against innumerable arthropods that can destroy the crops. It is incorporated into particle film technology for the purpose of purification. Just because the china clay is not toxic to animals and plants, so it is also being sprayed onto the crops in the form of an aqueous suspension.

One of the main uses of the china clay is in the production of the paper. This clay is used for providing the adequate gloss on the grades of coated paper. Apart from the paper, it is also used in the production of rubber, paint, and many other products as well.

So, these are some of the uses of the china clay. This clay is easily accessible and you can contact any Kaolin clay supplier for availing the benefits of the china clay.

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