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Top 3 thermal paper manufacturers in India

Thermal paper is a different type of paper that is layered with special chemical and it changes into a different color when it is heated or burnt. After heating, the color of the thermal paper would normally change into black, blue or red. The thermal paper is used in ATMs, fax machines and debit and credit card machines. There are many chemical suppliers in India that manufacture thermal paper. Here are top 3 manufacturers of thermal paper in India.

1)    Kanoria Chemicals & Industries (KCI) – it is one of the top companies in India that manufactures thermal papers and other chemicals. It is an ISO certified organization and has an experience of over fifty years in the industry. The KCI limited has its manufacturing units in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, and Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The KPL International is the marketing and distribution division of KCI Ltd. KCI is a leading chemical supplier in India too.

2)    Alpha papers – Since its inception in the year 1991, the Alpha Carbonless Manufacturing Co. is known for manufacturing extremely high quality of thermal, chrome and carbonless paper. They have their manufacturing unit at Navi Mumbai, Mahape in Maharashtra. Apart from manufacturing, they are also thermal paper distributors as well.

3)    Vividh Print Media Pvt. Ltd. – They are one of the well-known makers of thermal and carbonless paper. This organization was started in the year 1992 and is continuously meeting the demands of its customers. They are firm believers in good quality products at reasonable prices, and its headquarter is in New Delhi.

The thermal paper and chemicals manufacturing industry is growing leaps and bounds in India. The makers and thermal paper distributors mentioned above are the most significant part of the thermal paper industry.

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