Uses of Isobutane – R600a

The increasing environmental concerns and ozone depletion has lead to the increased usage of  Isobutane, which is considered to be an environmental friendly element. Before delving into the uses of Isobutane, here’s a simple definition of the element. What is Read more

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Commercial Uses of Paraffin Wax

Paraffin Wax forms a core raw material for a wide number of industries. The following blog lists the major industrial uses of paraffin wax. What is Paraffin Wax? Wikipedia describes paraffin wax as “white or colorless soft solid derivable from Read more

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What Are the Major Uses of Isobutene?

A hydrocarbon of significant industrial usage, Isobutene- R600a works as an intermediate for production of a variety of products. It is one of the four isomers of butylene and offers a number of uses for different industries. Some of them Read more

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An Overview of Refrigerant Gases and Their Uses

Refrigerant gases are usually substances that are used for heating or cooling purposes. The gases, go from a transition from liquid to gas and back to the first phase. These gases can be used in heat pumps or refrigeration cycles. Read more

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What Is Kaolin Clay?

Kaolin, also known as china clay, is soft white clay which is an essential element in the manufacturing of porcelain and china and is used widely in making paper, paint, rubber, and lots of other products. In its natural form kaolin is Read more

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What Are Refrigerant Gases?

A refrigerant gas is a chemical, which is used in cooling system for mechanical devices like refrigerators, air conditioners or walk-in freezers. Most of the refrigeration devices depend on chemical reactions of the refrigerant gas to eliminate heat from enclosed area. There Read more

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What Are The Brazing Alloys Used For In Steel To Steel Connections?

Basically, very little brazing allow is required for the production of a steel to steel connection or a brazing joint. But you have to understand the process and all its fundamentals properly so that it can be applied to braze Read more

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Sodium Metal: Facts, Dangers And Safety Precautions

Science defines sodium as a chemical element that can be represented with the symbol Na; its Latin name is natrium, hence the symbol. While sodium carries an atomic number of 11, it is soft, and has a light silver-white colour. Read more

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What Are Various Uses of Soda Ash?

One might not be aware of this but it would be really tough to go to a place without a product which doesn’t contain Soda Ash, This is because, Soda Ash, known as Sodium carbonate in the chemical industry, is Read more

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How to Choose the Kaolin Clay Manufacturer Company for Home Paints

Due to its good color absorbing capability, the distribution of particle size and adhering properties kaolin clay is the best for the paint industry and can also be used as a reasonable and cost effective extender pigmenting agent in the Read more

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