5 Non-toxic Refrigerant Technologies

Threats of global warming has lead to refrigerant manufacturing companies scampering for alternate, environmentally safe refrigerant systems. Talking about environmentally safe refrigerant systems, here are a few alternate, natural refrigerant technologies which are either practiced on very small scale, niche Read more

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Applications of Thermal Paper

Images printed on thermal paper are high definition, reliable and the whole process is very fast. Due to these advantages, the technology has a wide variety of applications, these include:- 1) Thermal Printers use thermal paper, its most common application Read more

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How Carbon-less Paper Works?

Carbon less paper or NCR paper as its commonly referred to, in the printing business, is a paper that makes duplicating business forms, receipts, invoice books, invoices, etc. easy and convenient. What makes the carbon-less paper different from the traditional Read more

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Refrigerants: A Basic Overview

Refrigerants are chemical products used in air conditioning, ventilating and heating units. Hence, they form an important part of air conditioners, freezers and refrigerators. The gases used as refrigerants have extremely low evaporation points and they are compressed further to Read more

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Industrial Uses of Polyethylene

The global production of polyethylene is about 80 million tones which makes it the world’s most significant kind of plastic. It’s therefore important to understand what polyethylene is and what its applications are. Polyethylene Polyethylene is synthesized from ethylene which Read more

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Extraction of Kaolin

Kaolin is a natural resource that lies in the deep layers of earth and is available only in select locations across the world. Kaolin manufacturing companies often need to drill for months to find a kaolin reserve and also need Read more

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Melamine For Cabinetry

One of the significant uses of melamine is in cabinetry. Cabinets being an important part of all homes need significant analysis with respect to choice of material. Since, melamine is one of the common choices when it comes to cabinets, Read more

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Isobutane: Discussed and Researched Refrigerant for the Future

It is a well-known fact that fridges and air conditioners are a major source of energy consumption wherever they are installed. Given this, anything that helps run these devices in a more efficient manner tends to become a popular choice. Read more

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Types of Plastics Used in Our Daily Lives

Understanding plastics is critical when choosing plastic items for your family and home. Plastics are of many types, some of which are used for industrial and others for commercial applications. While some plastics are meant to be disposed after being Read more

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Uses of Brazen Joints

Brazing in essence, a group of joining processes, is used to produce coalescence of different metals. Metals are heated to their brazing temperatures and then filled in with a filler metal which is also known as solder. Note here that Read more

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