All about Brazing Copper and Copper Alloys

Copper and copper alloys Till today, copper and copper alloys remain the most engineered materials because of their good electrical and thermal conductivity. Copper, a corrosion resistant metal, does not react when coming in contact to other metals and possess Read more

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Top 5 industrial polymers

The world of polymers is extremely excited one unfolding wonders endlessly. A polymer is a macromolecule composed of many small molecules called monomer which react among themselves chemically to form long chain or three-dimensional network. Both natural and synthetic polymers Read more

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Chemicals Which Are Good for Both Industrial and Non-Industrial Uses

There are a variety of products created from the chemical industry that have an effect on virtually every aspect of everyone’s lives. Many of the industry products are purchased by the consumer directly; these include detergents, perfumes and soaps. Other Read more

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Anatomy of Polyethylene

Polyethylene is a part of a chemical group called polyoelfin resins. These are obtained as a result of ethylene polymerization and is often touted as the most widely used plastic in the world. A large number of chemical suppliers fulfill Read more

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Soda Ash: Grades And Uses

Soda ash is an odorless, white powder. It is stable, not toxic or explosive or flammable. There are basically three grades of soda ash that are produced, namely: Dense soda ash, which is an anhydrous substance. It forms an important Read more

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Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Facts

Polyethylene Terephthalate, better known as PET or PETE, is the chemical name of polyester. PET is a lightweight, strong and clear plastic that’s widely used for packaging beverages and foods, especially convenience-sized water, juices and drinks. In fact, all single Read more

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Uses of Rock Phosphate

Founded by Henning Brand in 1669, rock phosphate has a wide variety of uses owing to its high phosphorous content. Phosphorous is an important part of the RNA and DNA molecules, of which life is formed. It is essential for Read more

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Medical Uses of Attapulgite

Attapulgite is essentially mineral clay. While it has a broad spectrum of applications, one of the most significant is in the field of medicines. Though some of the drugs containing this mineral clay has been withdrawn from the market, there Read more

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Uses of HDPE Tarpaulin

HDPE Tarpaulin is a polymers having multiple end uses, and is considered a boon for the Indian industry. It’s excellent for covering purposes, helping protect products from dust and moisture. Hence, it’s used in sector, including automobiles, infrastructure and agriculture, Read more

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SF6 Gas Management: An Overview

SF6 or sulfur hexafluoride gas, is a widely refrigerant gas in gas-insulated substations and circuit breakers. However, its use poses multiple environmental safety challenges, especially when it concerns maintenance. Units handling SF6 Gas need to be aware of the latest Read more

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