5 Most Imported Chemicals in India

Chemical imports in India continue to rise despite the fact that our chemicals industry in making huge progress in the field of producing high-quality items for industrial use. Chemicals form a crucial aspect of both the manufacturing and agricultural sectors Read more

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Medical uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide that is sold at nearly all pharmaceutical stores is a great solution to keep at home. Hydrogen peroxide is considered to be one of the safest chemicals on earth! Composed entirely of hydrogen and water, this chemical is Read more

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Correlation between growth of chemical industry and Economy

The Indian chemical industry is one of the oldest sectors in the country. The growth of the industry is directly linked to the growth of the Indian economy. It is already known that the Indian chemical sector has witnessed staggering Read more

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What are the different types of iron oxides?

Iron oxide is a very important chemical compound. It is primarily made up of iron and oxygen. Iron oxide is found naturally as well as produced industrially. There are many uses of iron oxide and iron oxide suppliers make it Read more

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Precautions to remember while using formic acid

Formic acid is an important component of preservatives and pesticides for agricultural elements such as livestock, hay and beehives. It is a colourless liquid that is easily recognized by its pungent and penetrating odor. Formic acid is toxic in nature Read more

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5 Commonly used Products made using Paraffin wax

Derived from petroleum, coal or oil shale, paraffin wax is a white or colourless, tasteless, odourless soft or waxy solid. It is solid at room temperature, insoluble in water, burns readily and begins to melt at a temperature above 99 Read more

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Difference between Clay and Clay Minerals

Clay minerals are hydrous aluminum phyllosilicates that may also contain iron, magnesium, alkali metals, alkaline earths etc in varying quantities. These are commonly found in fine-grained sedimentary rocks such as shale, siltstone, and mudstone and also in fine-grained metamorphic rocks Read more

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5 Tips for beginners in Chemical trading business

Global market volume for chemicals will grow significantly in next two decades. The sales volumes have been estimated to be more than double in 2035 than what it is today. This is just the right time for beginners interested in Read more

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How is thermal paper manufactured?

Have you ever been curious about the type of paper that is used in devices such as cash registers, credit card terminals when you are getting your bill generated? These lightweight devices and other machines such as thermal printers, adding Read more

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Top 5 countries where India exports chemicals

Chemical industry is one of the most significant contributors to the growth and development of Indian economy. It not only serves as the major backbone of Indian agriculture and industrial sectors, but also adds to India’s foreign reserves by way Read more

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