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Key steps involved followed in chemical sourcing

The process of chemical sourcing includes the transport of industrial chemicals from the manufacturer to a buyer. This task has to be done with utmost precision as there is a danger of chemicals being sourced to a company that maybe bogus or any mishap while sending chemicals from one place to another. Hence, extreme precaution has to be undertaken while taking up the work of chemical sourcing.

In order to remove any confusion, the four steps mentioned below will help to know what to remember while making attempts for chemical sourcing in India.

  1. License: Always ensure that the company you have outsourced this work to has a valid license and is legally allowed to operate the business. Dealing with a licensed company will help to avoid any hassles with the law.


  1. Follow established companies: Always deal with companies that have proper equipment and the required man power to deal with the work. This will ensure that you are not caught inside a scam or that the chemicals are not being sourced to a bogus organization. Hence, always ensure that the company has the assets to cover any losses.


  1. Verification: When beginning the process of chemical sourcing, always do a complete verification including a personal meeting with the senior official the company followed by a factory visit. If you are located outside the state of the company’s establishment then you can hire the services of an agent to make sure that the company is not counterfeit. This can also include checking the turnover of the company and assets, one of the methods is to acquire information from the commerce and industry administration. This would help you understand the position of the company in the market and will ensure that you are taking services from the right company.


  1. Avoid fraudulent companies: One of the ways that fake companies in the chemical industry operate is by registering their company in one part of the state and working from somewhere else. Hence, while doing chemical sourcing in India always make deals with a company that has an office as well as the manufacturing unit in the same place. In case of any disputes, you can easily approach the local administration to resolve the issue.

Hence, the steps mentioned above will help remove any obstacle while doing chemical sourcing within the country or on an international level. If you are looking to purchase top-quality chemicals for your industrial or personal use, always rely on trustworthy brands such as KPL International.

In case you are interested to know more about chemical sourcing or wish to share a suggestion, please do in the comment section below.

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