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Isobutane: Discussed and Researched Refrigerant for the Future

It is a well-known fact that fridges and air conditioners are a major source of energy consumption wherever they are installed. Given this, anything that helps run these devices in a more efficient manner tends to become a popular choice.

Isobutane- R600a is a colorless gas with a faint petroleum like odor which actually is a naturally occurring refrigerant. Enough research has been conducted in this regard to prove that this gas has low global warming potential and as a result is a much greener choice when compared to other options that are used for the cooling process.

Isobutane- R600a also has a higher ozone depletion potential and as a result of this tends to be a more nature and environmentally friendly solution for use in both refrigeration and air conditioning.

Mostly used in domestic fridges and freezers, this gas is additionally used in aerosol sprays, portable stoves that are used in camps and for geothermal power generation.

The advantages of using isobutene have been established to the point where this gas is already being used in a number of cases. Additionally researchis on to understand and find news ways of using this in the most organic and environmentally friendly manner. Isobutane has excellent thermodynamic properties and is extremely compatible with other components, which leads to much higher energy efficiency.

With it’s low moisture content other uses include lab and medical equipment, condensed air dryers, refrigeration in bakeries as well as vending machines and bottle coolers.

Given the versatility of use and its natural properties, Isobutane is a more aware choice and more and more manufacturers are embracing that. With greener choices dominating each and every decision, this highly favorable ecological alternative is the best choice in applications where medium, high and very high temperatures are needed.

On the down side, extreme caution has to be maintained while handling this material and proper protection used. That being said, the benefits far outweigh this con and this material is a sensible choice, overall.

Buying a fridge or air conditioner? Check if it contains Isobutane to make sure that it’s a green choice!

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