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Importance of Chemical Industry in India

Chemical industry of India is one of the fastest growing industries, which contributes to about 13% of the Indian GDP. The chemical industry of India is growing annually at a rate of 10% to 12%. Chemical Industry is a multi-product industry based on the idea of diversification. Chemical Industries in India can be divided into following sectors.

Inorganic chemicals: The growth rate in this sector is about 9% and the chemicals produced in this category are used in detergents, fertilizers, alkalis and glass.

Drugs and Pharmaceuticals: This sector holds 4th place in the terms of volume in the world. Growth in this sector is mainly due to exports.

Plastics and Petrochemicals: This is the fastest growing sector in the Indian chemical industry. This sector accounts for about 2.5% of the global market with an annual domestic market growth rate of 10%.

One of the biggest chemical suppliers in india is KPL international limited which is established about 20 years ago. They specialize in the marketing and distribution of quality products in India, mainly in the field of polymers, chemicals, paper chemicals and paper, sourced from globally acclaimed producers. KPL International Limited represents 35 countries with over 3000 customers with its ISO 9001 qualification and its specialization in marketing, distribution and sourcing. It provides tons of services and end to end business solutions to their customers.

KPL International Limited is a part of Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Limited (KCI), which is a diversified company with ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certification. It is a leading manufacturer of chemicals in India with over 50 years of experience. KCI has two chemical manufacturing factories, One is in Ankleshwar of Gujarat, which produces Alcohols and Alcohol based chemicals and the second one in Vishakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh which produces Hexamine and Formaldehyde. The company also deals in automotive and industrial electronics, renewable energy and textiles.

KPL has extended its services to products like brazing alloys that have high application in automotive and aerospace industry. The company operates on a SAP3 technology, which helps in managing all the information as per global standards. KPL international limited also ranked in the top 100 chemical distributor companies in the list of ICIS.

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