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How Carbon-less Paper Works?

Carbon less paper or NCR paper as its commonly referred to, in the printing business, is a paper that makes duplicating business forms, receipts, invoice books, invoices, etc. easy and convenient. What makes the carbon-less paper different from the traditional carbon paper? Well, carbon-less paper is comparatively stain-free and bio-degradable vis.-a-vis. the traditional carbon paper.

Let’s understand how carbonless paper is made.

How its made?

Carbon-less paper is essentially made by coating paper with micro encapsulated dye or ink or reactive clay. Hydro-carbons are heated to a point that decomposes them partially. This helps extract the carbon-black from hydrocarbon, the original form. This carbon-black is then used to coat a single side of the normal paper. Note here that both the carbon paper and the carbon-less paper work as a pair; one without the other just won’t work.

Applications of Carbon-less paper

Carbon-less paper has a wide array of applications, especially in business workplaces. They can be used in duplicating all sorts of forms, documents and invoices and can be used in an array of notepads, business registers and even printing machines (digital carbonless paper).

Is this paper hazardous?

The fact that carbon paper uses carbon-black or its alternative benzene, makes it toxic and harmful. This is evident when you happen to rub the paper against your skin accidentally and you get skin rashes. Furthermore, when burnt or heated at high temperatures, carbon paper may release harmful gases as well. Hence, its very important that carbon paper be handled with utmost care and precaution.

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