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For cat lovers, help keep your furry friends at ease

Now anyone who’s ever had a cat would know this, but the most common use of Bentonite is in your kitty litter. Much more absorbent than your regular silicate sand, Bentonite is known to have deodorizing properties, and be much easier to clean up too. This could be because a lot of suppliers add fragrance to the cat litters, and Bentonite forms clumps when wet, which makes the litter easier to scoop up. Another reason pet owners have switched to Bentonite from normal sand is unless you live on the beach, sand is becoming more and more expensive. I have also heard from quite a few cat owners, that their cats actually prefer the Bentonite!

Fighting mud, with mud!

I’m sure you’ve heard of fighting fire with fire, well here’s fighting mud with mud! Another quite common use of Bentonite, is in drilling wells. Well not just regular tube wells, but oil wells, or mines, or anything where we need to go deep into the earth’s crust. You may wonder why we need artificial clay to dig a hole, but digging deep into the earth gets a lot more complicated after we cross a few hundred feet, man may have reached the moon, but we still can’t dig very far into the earth. The reason is as we go further down, the heat and resistance is good enough to torch most digging equipment and drill tips. That’s where the Bentonite comes in, when mixed with water it forms an almost gel like suspension which acts as a lubricant and protects the digging equipment. Also called drill fluid, or drilling mud, it makes drilling holes in the earth a lot easier.

Finding a good supplier of Bentonite, in India.

If you’re looking for a good Bentonite supplier in India, I would recommend KPL International Ltd., a 20 year old company, with an ISO 9001 certificate. KPL International, is a sister concern of Kanoria Chemicals and Industries Ltd. (KCI), which apart from an ISO 9001, also has a ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification. KPL International has two chemical manufacturing plants, one in Gujarat, and one in Vishakhapatnam. KPL International, has also been listed by ICIS, as one of the top 100 chemical distributors in the world as of 20th July 2015.

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