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Fives Safest Metals and their Uses

Metals have been associated with the human civilization for centuries and have played an important part in their daily lives. With the advent of technology, it is easier to extract raw metal and turn these into useful items for both personal and commercial use. Some metals, for e.g. melamine, can be easily bent and are good conductors of electricity as well as heat. There are many sodium metal suppliers and melamine suppliers that provide the best quality materials for both commercial and personal use. Though the word ‘chemical’ has negative connotations for a layman, it is important to highlight the fact that there are a number of safe chemicals, depending upon how these are being used.

Below is the list of five safest metals that we have been using:

  1. Aluminium: It is strong and malleable metal element that is highly resistant to corrosion and a good conductor of electricity. Aluminium with low density and high strength is used in making aircrafts, ladders and lightweight vehicles. Other uses of Aluminium include being used for window frames, overhead power cables. The high reflectivity make it perfect for mirrors and reflectors while the high heat resistance make it ideal for manufacturing firefighting clothes.
  2. Silicon: Silicon, one of the best semiconductors and a good conductor of electricity. Silicon has many uses such as its compound silicon dioxide, the main ingredient of glass. It is also used for making optical fibers for transmission of data at high speeds. The other uses of silicon include making computer chips, silicon implants and for making bricks and concrete.
  3. Iron Castings: Iron castings have been in use to solve both architectural and engineering issues for many years. The earliest application of iron castings can be traced back to 16th and 17th century where these were utilized for making cannon barrels. Iron castings nowadays are used for variety of construction purposes such as bridge building, locomotives and ship construction.
  4. Copper: First used around 8000 B.C, copper has helped mankind move from one phase to another. With the advent in technology, it is employed for roofing, plumbing in construction business and also as a lightning rod to keep the natural lightning from damaging the building. Other applications of copper include it being used as a good wood preservative and to restore objects that have rusted.
  5. Silver: Silver is one of the rare and precious metal that is used extensively in jewelry and sometimes in electrical applications. Industrial applications of silver include its uses to manufacture batteries, LED chips, glass coating, nuclear reactors, and wood preservatives among many others. Personal uses of silver metal include coatings of silver nitrate on a mirror to create the reflective surface.


In case you are looking for trustworthy chemical suppliers including sodium metal suppliers or melamine suppliers, leave comments below for suggestions.

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