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Evolution of Polymer

Polymers are basically the component that plastics are manufactured from. Polymers have been found to be inexistence since the beginning of time in the form of tortoise shell, tar etc which was heated at a very high temperature to form plastic.

These were used for various purposes including the making of jewelry or hair accessories and were accessed very easily. Later, in the 20th century, polymer began to be chemically modified and a synthetic variant came into use.

The use of this synthetic polymer was even more increased during the World War when naturally produced plastic could no longer be procured. With the ongoing war, no natural fiber could be sourced and hence began the induction of plastic threads and particles etc which are used to manufacture nylon, acrylic and so on.

Any way you look at it, plastics or polymers are an indomitable part of our living and this is the reason why polymer distributors and polymer importers are increasing multi-fold.

Chemical Properties of Polymer

There are two different types of polymers- namely thermoplastics and thermo-sets. The nature of the variant decides what purpose it is used for. Where one is easily molded, the other is not moldable at all. Thermoplastics once formed can be heated again and again, melted down and formed into new products. But thermo-sets when heated do not melt, instead they get burnt.

No reaction to chemicals- One of the premium chemical properties of plastics is that it does not react with other chemicals. Hence, polymers can easily be sued to store plastics as in the case of cleaning liquids.

Polymer distributors like KPL International produce varied types of polymers.

Insulation- Polymers or plastics do not conduct electricity. This property is very helpful when it comes to coating wires, insulators, electric panels etc to ensure that shocks can be prevented.

They are also thermal insulators where polymers can be used to coat pans, coffee pots etc which make them safe and yet do not break the flow of heat passing through them.

Versatility in usage- Polymers can easily be manufactured into fibers or minute particles making them useful to manufacture fabric, toys, electrical components etc.

There are also other forms of polymers used to produce Styrofoam, adhesive etc which have increased the sales of polymer importers

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