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Uses of China Clay

Summary: China clays have been used in the ceramic industry since a long period. The properties that this clay possesses like easy molding, fine texture, etc. make it easier to use. In making paper, this clay is also used as Read more

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Extraction of Kaolin

Kaolin is a natural resource that lies in the deep layers of earth and is available only in select locations across the world. Kaolin manufacturing companies often need to drill for months to find a kaolin reserve and also need Read more

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What Is Kaolin Clay?

Kaolin, also known as china clay, is soft white clay which is an essential element in the manufacturing of porcelain and china and is used widely in making paper, paint, rubber, and lots of other products. In its natural form kaolin is Read more

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How to Choose the Kaolin Clay Manufacturer Company for Home Paints

Due to its good color absorbing capability, the distribution of particle size and adhering properties kaolin clay is the best for the paint industry and can also be used as a reasonable and cost effective extender pigmenting agent in the Read more

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