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Types of Copper Alloys and their Uses

Dating back to the prehistoric age, copper has been identified as one of the most commonly used metals. Even today, the role that copper plays in a variety of electrical and thermal products cannot be refuted. It can be understood Read more

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All about Brazing Copper and Copper Alloys

Copper and copper alloys Till today, copper and copper alloys remain the most engineered materials because of their good electrical and thermal conductivity. Copper, a corrosion resistant metal, does not react when coming in contact to other metals and possess Read more

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Uses of Brazen Joints

Brazing in essence, a group of joining processes, is used to produce coalescence of different metals. Metals are heated to their brazing temperatures and then filled in with a filler metal which is also known as solder. Note here that Read more

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What Are The Brazing Alloys Used For In Steel To Steel Connections?

Basically, very little brazing allow is required for the production of a steel to steel connection or a brazing joint. But you have to understand the process and all its fundamentals properly so that it can be applied to braze Read more

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