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About Polyvinyl Alcohol Suppliers

Poly is a water soluble synthetic polymer. It is used in papermaking textiles and a variety of coatings. It is odourless and white. It is sometimes supplied as beads or as solutions in water.
PVA is used in sizing agents, that gives greater strength to textile yarns and make paper more resistant to oil and greases. It has high tensile, strength and flexibility, as well as high oxygen aroma barrier properties. PVA is fully degradable and is quick dissolver.

Uses of Polyvinyl Alcohol-

  • Papermaking and processing- The demand of PVA for paper making processing is high. Its main applications are binding agent for paper, re moistening agent and paper surface sizing.
  • PVA can be de-characterizing agent of thermosetting resin mainly used as a binding agent such as carbamide, for plywood, artificial board and timber processing.
  • PVA can used to create the water-soluble, single-size pod packages that hold our dishwasher, oxy boast and laundry formulas.
  • PVA can be added to cement mortar mix to provide slightly better water proofing qualities. It can increase adhesion to the surface it is applied to.


You can find many dealers, suppliers and traders of PVA. You have to look for the best and choose for you from the available online clients to you.

How to choose best PVA suppliers-

1.Supplier should be a professional one.
2.He should offer flexible term of payment to the customers.
3.He should provide best in terms of both Price and Quality.
4.He ensures you to deliver the product on time.
5.Free samples can be offered, if you are an old customer.
6.Prompt reply and in time sales service should be provided. The reply should definitely come within 24 hours

The manufacturer and exporter of PVA also offers aromatic chemicals, antioxidant chemicals, construction chemicals and deionised water. You can find some of the best Polyvinyl Alcohol suppliers on the Internet. So make sure you carry out extensive search on the World Wide Web.

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