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5 Most Imported Chemicals in India

Chemical imports in India continue to rise despite the fact that our chemicals industry in making huge progress in the field of producing high-quality items for industrial use. Chemicals form a crucial aspect of both the manufacturing and agricultural sectors of India. From building architectural structures to pesticides for crops, chemicals are required by our industries on a daily. There are a few items that chemical importers in India specifically get from outside.

To understand the quantum of chemical imports in India one needs to understand the fact that there are two broad categories in which chemical importers deal with: organic chemical imports and inorganic chemical imports. Organic chemical imports primarily support the agricultural industry, whereas the inorganic chemicals are used in multiple industries such as the paint and dyes industry, and manufacturing industries.

Following are some of most imported chemicals in India

1.Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate: This chemical is typically not produced in India and therefore, needs to be imported. Chemical importers get this product because it is primarily used in the production of rigid polyurethane that is used in the plastics industry.
2.Cyclic hydrocarbons: This is another chemical that heavily features in the list of chemicals imported in India.
3.Acyclic alcohols: This sub-set of organic chemicals is also heavily imported in India. It is estimated that combined with cyclic hydrocarbons, acyclic alcohols are two of the most imported organic chemicals in the country.
4.Caustic soda: This chemical is widely used for many industrial processes. It is used in water treatment, the manufacture of soaps, and also in the food industry.
5.Liquid chlorine: Just like caustic soda, this chemical is also widely used in many industries including the pharmaceuticals industry. In fact, we witness the use of chlorine in our everyday lives as well in the form of disinfectants for swimming pools and drinking water as well.

Chemical importers in India depend on countries such as Germany, USA and Saudi Arabia for imports regularly. Though now, the focus has mainly become the production of chemicals in India so as to cut down imports.

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