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5 Commonly used Products made using Paraffin wax

Derived from petroleum, coal or oil shale, paraffin wax is a white or colourless, tasteless, odourless soft or waxy solid. It is solid at room temperature, insoluble in water, burns readily and begins to melt at a temperature above 99 degree Fahrenheit. It is an excellent electrical insulator and an excellent material for storing heat. Paraffin wax has a number of industrial applications. It is also used in pathology laboratory. Paraffin wax suppliers in India are sourcing these crude oil derivatives, which are purified and refined using advanced technologies, from reputed global brands.

Paraffin wax used in various applications is typically highly refined, non toxic products with good biodegradability and non-cumulative effects. Available in a wide range of physical forms such as bulk liquid, slabs, free flow pastilles, powder or flakes, paraffin wax is used to manufacture several products. Five such most commonly used products are listed below:

1. Candles – Paraffin wax is popularly used in candle making process. Paraffin candles are odorless and bluish-white in colour, burns more cleanly and are also cheaper than other types of candles.

2. Coatings or additives in food items – When used as coatings for candies and many kinds of hard cheese, paraffin wax is edible but non-digestible, which means it passes through the body. It is also used as chewing gum additive and as sealants for jars, cans and bottles.

3. Moisturizers – A number of toiletries and cosmetic products contain paraffin wax as a moisturizing agent. As paraffin wax is potentially comedogenic and may lead to acne or pimples, such moisturizers are usually recommended for those with very dry skin.

4. Crayons and Pencils – Standard wax crayons and pencil colours widely used by children are made mostly of paraffin wax.

5. Textile and Leather – Paraffin wax is used as waterproofing agent for textiles and as tanning agents for leather.

Additionally, paraffin wax is also widely used by industries such as Adhesives, Rodent Baits, Explosives & Pyrotechnics, Fertilizer Coating, Corrosion Protection, Construction Boards (e.g. Gypsum, MDF, Particle Boards), Polishes (Car care, Shoe, Floor, Wood, etc), Flexible Packaging, Poultry, Fire Logs & Safety Matches, and many more. Paraffin wax suppliers play a very important role in ensuring smooth manufacturing in all these industries by making available the required quantity of paraffin wax in the desired physical form.

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