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Bitumen Modifier



Brief Description

- SASOBIT®, is a unique additive which helps towards value addition of Bitumen properties by way of enhancing Softening point, Penetration values, Resilient Modulus Values & Viscosity at 60 Deg C.

- Sasobit, is also globally well known WMA additive, which help reduces the working temperature of asphalt by 10-30°C and also reduces fumes emissions during mixing / paving operations.

- The product is free from ash-forming materials (metals) and contains no hetero-atoms such as chlorine, sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen. As a result, Sasobit® has excellent oxidation and aging stability and may be stored indefinitely.

Sasobit is a unique additive which can help achieve WMA at the same time help upgrade VG-30 to VG-40 grade bitumen properties and still help pave at low temperature

User Industries

- Modification of Bitumen (upgrading the bitumen grade: PMB, CRMB, VG grade, PG Grading)

- Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA)

- Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP)

- Bitumen Emulsion

- Slurry Seal

- Bitumen Roofing (waterproofing)

Principal / Supplier

Sasol Wax (South Africa)

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