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BYK, Disperbyk, Disperplast, Anti-Terra, Bykjet, Bykoplast

Brief Description

BYK's wetting and dispersing additives result in a fine and homogeneous distribution of solid particles in liquid media and ensure the long-term stability of such systems. The additives stabilize pigments (inorganic, organic and also effect pigments) and fillers. The liquid phase can comprise water and the entire range of organic solvents of varying polarity. Wetting agents are surface-active substances and improve the wetting of solids. Dispersing agents prevent particles flocculating by various mechanisms (electrostatic effects, steric effects). Wetting and dispersing additives unite both mechanisms of action in one product, i.e. they are both wetting and stabilizing.

User Industries

PVC/PU Leather, Genuine Leather, Thermoplastic Compound & Masterbatches, Forging Lubricant & Foundry Wash, Ceramics, Paper Coating, Seed Coating

Principal / Supplier

BYK Chemie, Germany

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