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Surface Modification


BYK, Carbobyk

Brief Description

Surface modification additives are mainly Surfactants which are used for various properties like Substrate Wetting, Leveling, anti-cratering, Slip, mar resistance, anti-blocking, etc...BYK has complete range which includes low to high molecular weight PDMS, and also acrylates for achieving the above described properties.

In addition BYK has Nano additives under the brand Nanobyk which are used for Scratch Resistance properties, and Carbobyk which is a dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes in water and can be used for conductive coatings and mechanical properties.

User Industries

PVC/PU Leather, Genuine Leather, Packaging, Paper Coating, Film Coating, Home Care, Leather Care, Car Care, Floor Care

Principal / Supplier

BYK Chemie, Germany

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