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Cycloaliphatic Amines & Epoxy hardener

Brief Description

Cycloaliphatic Amines - Metaxylene Diamine ( MXDA ) & 1,3 BAC are used for making Epoxy Hardeners . MXDA gives high chemicals resistance and 1,3 BAC is suitable for better UV resistance . Both are used for Epoxy Hardener for top coating in the Epoxy Flooring. These can be combined with IPDA adduct by 30% to give better gloss . Gives faster drying than IPDA and reduces use of Salicylic Acid.

Epoxy Hardeners - These are ready to use Epoxy hardeners for high amine blushing resistance , top coat for self leveling flooring , chemical resistant flooring , water based hardeners for under water/ breathable coating where vapour pressure is high.

User Industries

Epoxy Hardener Manufacturers , Formulators , Epoxy Adhesive

Epoxy ready to use Hardeners - Floor Coating Applicators , Construction Chemicals Manufacturers , Epoxy Coatings

Principal / Supplier

Cycloaliphatic Amines - Mitsubishi Gas Chemicals , Japan

Epoxy hardeners - Pointer Srl , Italy

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