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Soda Ash: Grades And Uses

Soda ash is an odorless, white powder. It is stable, not toxic or explosive or flammable. There are basically three grades of soda ash that are produced, namely:

  • Dense soda ash, which is an anhydrous substance. It forms an important industrial chemical, and is widely used in the manufacture of different products.

  • Light soda ash, which is widely used as a pH regulator/ buffering agent in multiple industrial processes.

  • Washing soda, which is also an anhydrous substance that’s produced by combining light soda ash along with additional molecules of water. It’s mostly used in soaps and washing detergents to improve their cleaning properties.

Applications of Soda Ash

Soda ash, also known as sodium carbonate, has the following uses:

  • Industrial applications – Being a highly soluble substance, soda ash is used for numerous chemical reactions. It’s mostly used as an ingredient in the manufacture of dyes and coloring agents, synthetic detergents and fertilizers. It’s also an important chemical agent used in enameling and petroleum industries.

  • Environmental applications – Sodium carbonate is used to improve and treat the alkalinity of lakes that have been affected by rain. It is also used to reduce the acidity of emissions being generated from a power plant.

  • Detergent manufacture – Soda ash is replacing phosphates that were earlier being used in a number of household detergents. Many other cleaning products such as dishwashing soaps also contain varying amounts of soda ash in their formulations.

  • Metallurgy – Sodium carbonate is used to remove or de-clarify phosphates and sulfurs from a number of non-ferrous and ferrous ores. It’s also used in recycling of aluminum and zinc.

  • Glass manufacture – Soda ash is an important ingredient in the manufacture of glass, since it helps reduce silica’s melting point.

  • Other applications – Soda ash is also a common addition to spa and pool treatment chemicals helping in reducing the acidity in water. It is also used in manufacture and sealants and glues, preparing pulp in paper manufacture, and sometimes in soil preparation as well.

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