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Is Melamine Safe for Everyday Use?

We hear the word melamine so often in our daily lives, especially when it comes to tableware and cookware. Melamine dinner sets are so popular that you will find one set almost in any household. Melamine is at times confused with ceramic but the two are vastly different in their composition. So, what is melamine and is it safe for everyday use?

To put it simply, melamine is found in the form of whiter crystals that are essentially rich in nitrogen. It is organic base chemical which is added to other chemicals and used in plastics, dishware, kitchen countertops and adhesives.

Is melamine safe for everyday use?

When it comes to the biggest melamine supplier, China stands out as the foremost producer and distributor of melamine products. Melamine tableware is generally considered safe for use but there are a few guidelines that you need to know and follow in order to remain safe.

 Most melamine tableware is not microwave-safe and should not be used for heating food. You should always use microwave-safe sets to heat your food. However, you can serve hot food in melamine tableware. The primary concern with melamine is that it can leech into acidic foods if heated at very high temperatures.

 Make sure that you look at the condition of your melamine cookware before using it. Do not use chipped, broken or scratched melamine tableware. Make sure that you replace them. Melamine tableware is generally an affordable solution for people wanting to invest in beautiful dinner sets. However, use them with caution.

There have been melamine-related scares in the past. In 2007, melamine found its way into Chinese infant formula and pet food. Unscrupulous manufacturers saw melamine as a substitute to increase the protein content of the food that were manufacturing. This led to thousands of pet deaths across the US. It has also been reported that close to 54,000 infants fell ill due to melamine exposure and had to suffer from renal and kidney-related problems. Addition of melamine to food or food substitutes is illegal and not approved by the World Health Organization. A melamine supplier has to properly see where the product is being shipped to in order to reduce the chances of contamination.

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